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What is QQ? 

QQ app is the primary messaging application that people in China usually use. QQ is a messaging software accompanied by a web portal for games, blogging, video chats, voice chats, and the like. In 2003, QQ made its application free for all interested users. QQ also offers a “Diamond” level membership for additional features.

We will show you everything you need to know about QQ and how to register and buy QQ accounts. You will also learn all its advantages and disadvantages before using it. Whether you are a Chinese citizen or planning to visit the country, this article is perfect for you!

Why You Should Buy a QQ Account 

Messaging Application 

QQ is the primary messaging application in China. It is easier to go around carrying this app on your phone to communicate with other people. QQ also allows you to send emails and make professional calls to interested parties.

Web Portal 

QQ is more than just an email application; it also serves as the primary web portal in China. QQ allows its users to browse the Internet, play interactive games, and meet new people all in one place. Other users use this application to make professional transactions easier.

QQ chat 

QQ also has its own chat app that acts like Facebook. Their users can log in with their same email and meet different users around the world. This application also offers live translation for any international users who cannot understand Chinese.


Professionals usually download this app if they are looking to travel to China. This app helps these professionals get around without any hassle and inconveniences. Chinese colleagues also find QQ as the most accessible application for casual and formal conversations. These professionals can also send confidential emails securely without the fear of being hacked in the future.


Some users use QQ as their gaming account to play games like PUBG, Game for Peace, and other games offered. Gamers use their QQ account to sign up for their favorite games without any struggle. If you are using the application internationally, some of the websites might not accept your newly created QQ account. Some websites might only accept Google email addresses and social media usernames.

Disadvantages of a QQ Account 

Usually Only Accessible in China 

Despite QQ being very popular in China, other nationalities use Facebook and Google to communicate. QQ might only be accessible if you plan to stay in China for a while. Nevertheless, you might find it easier to communicate with people through Wattsapp, Viber, Messenger, and other social media sites.

Usually More Difficult to Use in a Mobile Phone 

Many users prefer using QQ on their desktop rather than its mobile version. The mobile version usually has fewer features than the desktop version. For example, you might find it easier to transfer very important files through your laptop rather than through your laptop. However, if you are active in QQ, the mobile app shows your “online” status for other people to find your availability.

How to Create a QQ account 

Registration Process 

Registering for QQ is like registering for any other email. Go to their website which show prompt you to the registration form to create your account. Place your nickname, password, and telephone number to get started. Unfortunately, you cannot register with any existing social media sites. The last thing you need to do is agree to the Service Agreement and the Privacy Policy before proceeding. 

Finish Verification Processes 

You might receive additional tasks to verify your authenticity. QQ might send you a six-digit code to your phone number to proceed to your platform. If you performed all the steps properly, you should see a checkmark to log in to your new QQ account.

Best Places to Buy QQ accounts

Accfarm is a very popular website that sells different social media accounts at very affordable prices. This company also sells QQ coins and China VPN as a package for selected products. You also receive different features to compare different rates to make it easier to decide which QQ account is best for you. Most of the accounts usually range from $20 to $25, depending on the account’s features. 

Should You Buy QQ Accounts 

A QQ account is as simple as applying for another email account. However, many people usually purchase these accounts for their other added features. Nevertheless, you do not need to purchase another QQ account if you can build one yourself without any hassle. You might need to purchase a QQ account if your country does not accept QQ as a formal communication mode.

You learned everything there is to know about creating a QQ account. We also showed you the different websites you can visit to purchase a QQ account if you need one. This website places everything in one application to make it easier for its users to communicate and game.

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