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Where to Buy Cheap Facebook PVA Accounts?

Facebook PVA accounts also known as Phone Verified Facebook Accounts are great assets for your business. FB PVAs can be used for advertising, scraping, developer projects, etc. Often Facebook phone verified accs are expensive because a supplier uses unique phone numbers, `proxies, user agents, etc. But Accfarm offers your cheap PVA Facebook accounts that perfectly fit your needs. 

This is why you need to buy Facebook accounts in bulk on Accfarm:

  • Really low prices;
  • You purchase a pack of Facebook accounts which implies bulk purchase;
  • All our social media accounts are a perfect fit for business;
  • You can buy all kind of Geo you need: USA Facebook Accounts, UK Facebook Accounts, German Facebook Accounts, etc;
  • 24/7 support that is ready to help you in any case;
  • We provide FB accounts with marketplace as well.

Don't miss a chance to start your successful project today and purchase Best PVA accounts on Accfarm.

How to Buy Facebook Phone Verified Accounts

If you need Facebook Phone Verified accs, then you are already in the right place. Because Accfarm is the best place to purchase pvas in bulk. All you need is just follow this instruction and proceed with a convenient payment method:

  • Choose the needed product;
  • NOTE: You may purchase US Facebook accounts, UK Facebook Accounts and even Italian Facebook accounts. Just see the location IPs;
  • Enter the needed amount of accounts. You can buy from 1 to 1000 Facebook accounts and even larger amounts. See our stocks for more information;
  • Make sure you have entered valid Email address so that we can send you the products and instructions;
  • If you experience any kind of problems then kindly contact our support team. 

How to Buy Facebook USA IP Accounts

Sometimes our clients need Facebook IP accounts. There are a couple of reasons why you may need FB accounts from particular geo location:

  • You want to start Facebook advertising on USA region;
  • You want to build a botnet with Facebook accounts;
  • You want to create SMM panel using many Facebook accounts;
  • You need to win in a Facebook Raffle or Poll;
  • Something connected with developer or marketing efforts.

So, you may easily purchase American IP FB accounts on Accfarm. Just choose the title of a product with USA IP and proceed with payment method.

How to Buy UK Facebook IP Accounts

As we mentioned previously, you may choose any needed Facebook Geo account and buy it instantly. Just choose the United Kingdom FB Accounts in title of products and proceed with a pay

Buy Facebook PVA Accounts with Paypal

Yes, you can purchase FB PVA accounts with Paypal on Accfarm. You can do it directly from our store just choosing the needed product and proceeding with PP payment method.

The best place to buy Cheap Facebook PVA Accounts

Accfarm is the best social media accounts store for your business needs. We have all kinds of social media accounts for business:

Choose your cheap social media accs and start a business project today. We will help you.

How to Farm Facebook Accounts in 2021

Facebook is a rapidly changing social network with frequent updates that influence Business. We as a team specialized in accounts for the business recommend you to farm FB accs properly:

  • Buy Aged FB Account;
  • Use IP and User Agent data as instructed;
  • Make the account active on the network for 2 weeks;
  • Check the payment method on the page;
  • Check the Advertising Limits on your Facebook Acc;
  • Do not advertise anything illegal or against FB policy.
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