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Origin Accounts for Sale: Why You Should Buy One

There are many ways to unwind nowadays, and playing video games is one. Even adults can't get enough video games that they start to give their consoles an upgrade. Thanks to numerous game developers, people are less bored than before, especially adults.

There are many games in every genre. From horror to kid-friendly games, you will always have options available, especially on the internet. Most gamers use different gaming consoles, yet one of the most used consoles is PCs. They prefer playing on their PCs, and if you're one of them, Origin offers a list of competitive games for you to enjoy.

EA or Electronic Arts maintain this launcher, and it has been meeting the expectations of every gamer, even newbies, since 2011. It continues to introduce exclusive and free games, and it has more than 50 million accounts. Aside from that, it continues to offer competitive games in different target markets.

There's no hassle in creating an account, and it's free. You can manage your game profiles, join or launch games with your friends, and connect to your social media accounts, such as Twitter or Facebook. However, some gamers prefer to buy Origin accounts instead of creating one. Is it possible to buy Origin accounts?

Can you buy Origin accounts?

Yes, you can buy Origin accounts. Whether you're a newbie in gaming or a pro, other gamers consider buying accounts from an Origin marketplace to avail a good deal from pro gamers. Even though it's against the terms of service agreement of EA, some gamers sell their Origin accounts to gamers who don't want to begin from scratch.

Some gamers can offer an exceptional Origin account with many games. It will let you save more because PC games these days are also not cheap, unlike games you can buy on CDs. You can find affordable deals on the internet from reliable marketplaces where some deals are worth the purchase.

Is selling an Origin account legal?

It's not illegal to sell your Origin account, but some gamers will prevent you from doing it because of the Terms of Service Agreement of EA. If you prefer to sell your account to other gamers who want good deals, you can always sell your account. It's best if you can look for a reliable marketplace to boost your chance of selling your Origin account. Gamers will buy your games more if you're selling on a trustworthy website.

Aside from using these marketplaces online, selling through word-of-mouth is also possible. If you're in a community of gamers, you can also let your friends know so they can recommend your account to other possible customers. It's easier to sell that way because you can know the buyer more.

Is it illegal to share an origin account?

According to the terms of service agreement of EA, it's illegal to share an account. So you'll have to face the consequences if your account is detected. To be on the safer side, one gamer per account. If you've decided to sell your account, make sure you stop using it.

Is Origin being discontinued?

EA revealed that they would discontinue using the name "Origin" for good. According to EA's Senior Vice President, Mike Blank, the new name of Origin will be EA Desktop App. However, some gamers think that the new name is not very catchy, unlike the name "Origin."

Origin Marketplace

If you're looking for an online Origin Marketplaces, type "buy origin accounts cheap" on your search engines, and you'll get the top results, including Player Auctions.

This marketplace has many sellers who offer different games at different prices. Creating an account is hassle-free, and it's also free.

As you look for the best Origin account, you can compare the offers of sellers. For example, some sellers offer games in a bundle, while other sellers only offer one game per account, which is cheaper than bundles. On the bright side, buying bundles will save you a lot, especially if the bundle contains three or more games.

Aside from that, this marketplace will compensate you in case the account doesn't work. You will get support from this platform as if your purchases have insurance.

Most games you'll find on this platform include Battlefield 4 and the Sims 4. The prices may vary for some reasons. The only way to check why it's more expensive or cheaper is through the seller's remarks.

EA Origin Accounts for Sale - Origin Marketplace

EA is very strict on their accounts, and if you're not very careful, it might ban your account. On the other hand, gamers these days can sell their accounts to other gamers. Player Auction provides a list of sellers with different deals, where most deals include Battlefield 4 and the Sims 4.

This marketplace is one of the most reliable sources, and you're always backed up with insurance if things don't work accordingly. Many customers recommend this platform because it has been serving over million users worldwide. You can tell how reliable every seller is based on their reviews, which are visible as you navigate the website.

Cheap FIFA Origin Account for Sale

You'd search for "buy origin accounts cheap," and one trustworthy source that will undoubtedly appear in your search results is Plater Auctions.

This platform has many cheap Origin accounts from different sellers, yet these have one thing in common: reliability. Bundles are available, and looking for Origin accounts for sale is not very hassling because the filter is straightforward. If you want to look for accounts from the most reviewed sellers, you can find these immediately. If you want to stick to a budget, you can also filter results per accounts' prices.

Instant deliveries or deliveries within 24 hours are available, depending on the seller. Aside from that, the seller will indicate what you're getting if you prefer to buy their Origin account.

Some of the necessary information you'll receive after the purchase includes the following:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Security Question and Answer (if applicable)
  • Last Name (if applicable)
  • Parental Password (if applicable)
  • First CD Key (if the seller has it)

Disclosure of other information depends on the discretion of the seller. He or she may provide this information, but he or she has the right to decline. Nonetheless, most sellers from this platform will support you as you start using their sold accounts.

EA Origins Account: What's Hot

EA Origins make sure every gamer can enjoy all games it offers. Many gamers would recommend its collection of games because of the exceptional gaming experience. Here are some of the most played games you'll find in EA Origins.

  • Need for Speed – This game has been molding aspiring racers to achieve their goals to be racer by profession. From graphics to sounds, this game is exceptional.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition – Another exceptional game to check out is this one if you're into action-combat. You might want to check the marketplace if they offer accounts with this game in them.
  • Command & Conquer – This real-time strategy game will test your mind, whether you're playing the Red Alert or Tiberian series. There are 17 mini-games inside that you'll love, and if your seller has this game as part of the bundle, you're lucky.
  • Dead Space 3 – This horror and survival game will challenge you, but it's one of the most popular games in the industry. It even has a multiplayer option if you want to play it with your friends.
  • Battlefield 4 – If you're into the army, guns, and teamwork, this game will satisfy you. It's one of the prides of EA. Most Origin accounts for sale have this game in their package.
  • Sims 4 – This is a timeless game, and it keeps getting better as EA continues to develop it. You'll also find many Origin account sellers include this game in their offers.

These are some of the top games of EA that you should give a try. If you buy Origin accounts, you might find an account with these games.

Buy EA Origin Account Here

There are many marketplaces for gaming accounts, especially for EA Origin accounts, but before buying any account, make sure your source is trustworthy. It's easy to spot a scammer online, and if you take time to check your marketplace, you'll prevent scammers from getting you into trouble.

One of the most reliable sellers is from Player Auctions. There are also other online sources, and the best way to check if it's legit or not is through reviews. Check reviews from fellow gamers to know whether you should trust the seller or not.

EA may change Origin as its platform's Name, but it will continue developing and improving its collection of games to satisfy every gamer around the world. So regardless if you created an account or bought one, this developer will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

Nonetheless, if you're looking for a trustworthy source, buy Origin accounts from Player Auctions. You'll find exceptional deals if you don't want to create an account from scratch. Whether you're into action or other genres, you should check out its list of sellers if you need to buy accounts.

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