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Buy YouTube Channels

It is perfectly legal to buy YouTube channels. Many people are doing this every day. It is obviously important to buy YouTube channels from a licensed and reputable service provider. Accfarm is one such licensed service provider. We have various packages to suit any budget. 

Why Buy a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is a video marketing channel that has experienced immense popularity in recent years. 

  • It has a wide catalogue and collection of videos and other material.
  • Its great popularity and the large and diverse collection of video content causes competition to be very fierce for both business owners and individuals. Newcomers have a difficult and hard time to have their video content recognized. It is not easy to stand out in such a large pool of account holders. 
  • YouTube is a very diverse online platform with a vast catalogue of diverse videos  performed by different developers and creators. 
  • As mentioned earlier, many newcomers find it a great challenge to establish and maintain a presence. 

People who want quick recognition do this by buying YouTube channels that already have subscribers and get some revenue from the videos that already exist on the channel. If you buy YouTube channels, you are effectively getting income or revenue from those videos that have already been posted.

  1. You save both time and effort because you are no longer going to waste time shooting or recording videos that might not not receive wide recognition and attract a huge audience. 

  2. You might spend years being a nonentity who records and poet content that never gets popular. By simply buying YouTube online channels, you start a step ahead and pick off from where the original creator left off and start creating and posting your own brand new content. 
  3. It's a great way to launch a career. Smart people thus take advantage of this and start the buying process by contacting reputable online service providers like us who have a solid reputation and proven track record in selling genuine YouTube channels. 

Now, you have every reason to contact us today

Buying a YouTube channel is legal and possible

Yes it is legal, so you have nothing to worry about. To understand the monetary value of a YouTube channel, one has to take into account several important factors. The following are some of the factors considered in channel valuation.

Monetization Youtube channels: What is That?

This is an important point to consider when one is trying to put a value on a YouTube channel. When people talk about a YouTube channel they are referring to its capacity to generate revenue. A monetized YouTube channel is one that generates money for the account holder. At Accfarm, we make the process of buying monetized YouTube channel simple and straightforward.

When people buy YouTube channels they prefer those that are monetised because they have more value to the purchaser. YouTube itself sets the standard which determines whether a channel is going to be classified as monetized or not. For a channel to qualify for this status, it must have had a minimum of 4000 hours of views in the preceding 12 months and must also have at least 1000 subscribers.

Buy active Youtube channels with subscribers and established audience

The following that a channel has is an important factor. Our specialists at Accfarm will help you buy active or aged Youtube channels that have existing subscribers and audience. Whether you are looking to buy aged YouTube channels with 1000 or 3000 subscribers, the choice is entirely up to you.

Some channels have large numbers of fake followers. These will not add any real value to a buyer. This is the reason we are stressing the importance of dealing with a reputable service provider like us. Delivery is instant and we are always reliable. 

Number of Videos on the Channel
Where the actual videos on the YouTube channel is concerned, two  issues must be considered. These are the actual quantity or number of videos and the quantity of those videos. Both these two factors affect the value placed on the channel concerned. A channel with 10 videos has less value than another with 100 videos published.

Does It Belong to a Star/Celebrity

This is important. Here is the reason. You do not want to buy a YouTube channel whose present owner is an acknowledged superstar in his field, a famous singer for example, for the very good reason that you won't be able to maintain his standard when you become the new owner. The experts at Accfarm know this and know the standard of channels that suit and match your talent. That transition from previous owner to new channel account holder has to be as smooth as possible.

Active Youtube channels for Sale: Monthly Revenue

The monthly revenue of the channel is an important indicator of its value. Not only historical monthly earnings but the projected earnings as well. It is the latter which is more important because it is the figure which adds  more value to a buy of YouTube channels. It is the figure which gives the expected return on investment.

Does it Have Any Strikes?
Let's first understand what strikes are. This is the highest level of punishment given out to YouTube account holders by the online  platform owner for offences committed. The most common offence which warrants a strike punishment is copyright infringement. In some cases it will lead to the channel being deleted. A channel deletion is usually affected if the account holder suffers three strikes within a time period of 90 days. The offender is not given a right of reply on the charges. However, the strikes are not permanent and they disappear after 3 months though the account holder will henceforth always carry a blackmark. A reputable online service provider like Accfarm will not sell such disgraced channels.

At Accfarm:

  • We sell YouTube channels that are clean and of the highest quality.
  • Contact us today if you still have any questions about YouTube channels. 
  • Our friendly and professional staff are available 24/7 to give you the best service social media accs

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