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Best Proxy for Social Media Accounts

Accfarm is the best place to buy social media accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other social media networks. We have wide experience in social media automation and ready to share our best practice with you, Our marketplace provides cheap proxy services that works perfectly with all popular social media accounts.

On this page you can find all products you need:

  • Proxy for Facebook
  • Proxy for Instagram
  • Proxy for Gmail
  • Proxy for TikTok 

Choose the needed product and enjoy our services.

How to Buy Proxy for Facebook

It is not a problem to purchase proxy for your Facebook business manager or personal FB account. 

Follow this quick guide to get the best proxy for facebook:

  • Visit Accfarm social media marketplace hub;
  • Find Proxy services and products category;
  • Choose the needed proxy services in our list;
  • Proceed your purchases and click the buy button;
  • If you have any issues with purchasing proxy services then contact our support team.

Why use proxies instead of a social media API

A social media API can collect data from social media sites as well. So, why not use one those instead of a proxy? The basic answer is that social media APIs are not as intensive as scraping. While they will give you some information meant for marketing purposes, they are limited in their scope. Scraping the information you need with a proxy can gather any of the public information that you specify. This way, you never have to worry about whether or not you are getting all of the data you need. 

Use one proxy per account

You get a proxy so you can hide your identity. People often do this so they can run multiple social media accounts. However, they put all of the accounts under one proxy. Then, the social network is able to trace all of the accounts back to a single IP address, causing all of the accounts to get banned. Avoid this problem by using one proxy for each account. Then, each account will have its own IP address so you won’t have to worry about the networks figuring out that one person is running all of the accounts. Some tools let you save your proxy settings so you can just log in with that proxy every time. That makes it very easy to use a different proxy for each account. 

Have unique accounts for social media proxies

Web proxies provide you with anonymity when you post on social media accounts. However, you have to be smart about how you build up your accounts. If you create the same posts across all of your accounts, the social networks might realize that something is going on. You have to create unique information for each account. Otherwise, your proxies won’t provide you with the protection that you need. That doesn’t mean that you can’t go after the same market with your accounts. However, you need to find a way to create unique content. You might post about the same topics, but you need to create unique posts. That way, the networks won’t realize that the same person is creating the posts. 

Here you can buy a large number of proxy servers for social networks for safe entry into your accounts. You don't have to worry that your social network account will be blocked.

Is it Safe to Use Proxy for Social media

Using proxy for your social media account is absolutely legal and secure. 

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