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How to Buy Old Steam Accounts

Aged Steam accounts have many benefits over new steam accounts. First of all, old steam accounts are trusted and date from 2013, 2015 or 2018. Thus, these accounts are not easily banned in comparison to the new accs. One more pros to buy old steam accounts is the game inventory. Usually all aged steam accs contain games. You are able to purchase a used steam account and find some games there for free. It is no problem to play these games as well. However, sometimes it is a surprise what games you may find in this account. Sometimes there are free to play titles and sometimes something really precious like Metro or GTA 5.

 How to Build a Steam Botnet

 If you are planning to build your own botnet with steam accounts it is clear that you will require many old steam accounts. Let’s say if you want to run activities with dozens or hundreds steam upvotes or steam comments, then your project must receive between 100 steam accounts up to 1000 steam accounts.

 Buy Old Steam Accounts with CSGO

CSGO is still popular and many people who trade or buy items on Steam are actually csgo players and users. Thus, Accfarm provides special steam csgo accounts that you can purchase. Ranking, inventory, played hours included.

Buy Old Steam Accounts in Bulk

Our Steam Accs store offers you bulk purchase for any product including old accounts. As an option you can buy 1000 steam accounts and get them instantly via Email or via download link in the order summary page. To proceed with the payment you are able to use any of the popular payment methods including Paypal, VISA/Mastercard, Skrill, Qiwi, Bitocin, Altcoins.

The Best Steam Accounts Generator

Accfarm has developed its proprietary steam account generator which is the best among all tools in 2020. Just subscribe to our SaaS platform with a reasonable monthly fee and generate thousands of steam accounts instantly. We can help you even with emails and steam verification processes. This tool is a good fit for every developer who creates a steam botnet in 2021.

How to find old steam accounts?

Do you need old Steam accounts for games? Then you've found the best old Steam account marketplace at affordable prices. Choosing to buy an old Steam account from us, you get a high-quality Steam account and round-the-clock support.

The price of the old Steam account is available to everyone!

Instructions and Policy How to Use Steam Accounts

Please make sure you have read our Instructions and FAQ pages prior to your purchase and login into accounts. There are actions and behavior that can actually lead to disabling your steam accounts and thus we encourage you to read all instructions on accfarm properly.

Why do you need to purchase old steam accounts? First of all, this type of Steam Accounts is properly verified, trusted and can help you build big projects for Steam-related business. Second, there is an inventory in Old Steam Accounts that contain games, items and cards. All these assets have value for your business and can be great for reselling.

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