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Baidu Search Engine

What is Baidu Search Engine? How to get started with Baidu SEO?

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What is Baidu

Most people invest in SEO in Baidu because the Chinese internet giant is known for its leading position in the market. Founder and CEO of the company, Robin Li created it in 2000. The company is among the largest in the world and the largest in China. Due to the ban on Google in mainland China, a number of people use Baidu as their primary search engine. According to the 2016 figures, it controls more than 75% of China's internet market. The company has a range of divisions related to artificial intelligence, web search, and mobile apps.

Like Google, Baidu is a search engine marketing company that uses a pay for placement method. Their P4P platform helps customers improve their websites’ search engine marketing efforts. People outside China can easily find SEO packages for Baidu online to use in promoting their business or get more recognition in the country.

What is Baidu Search Engine

Just like Google, the Baidu search engine searches for items in a database that contain certain terms or characters. It is used to find specific sites on the World Wide Web.

The Baidu search engine in China can be divided between desktop and mobile phone platforms. This is because each platform has a few dominant players.

Desktop Search Engines for Baidu

Even though there is a lot of competition, Baidu still leads in desktop searches. It works very well, just like Google does. There are 3 key differencing factors in Baidu desktop searches. Let’s look at them starting with Baidu paid search.

Baidu Paid Search

To open an account on Baidu, you must provide identification and business registration documentation, as well as any necessary hosting licenses. 

Depending on where you are, your agency can help with this. In addition, you must pay a setup fee and a deposit of at least 5,000 RMB for your ad campaign. Due to the fact that Baidu doesn't invoice you or take money from your credit card, you must prepay your

media funds if you want to run. Although Baidu Paid ads are similar to Google, the ads are much harder to distinguish from organic results. Advertisement-based keywords, which generally have a lot of competition, can dominate a page, which means you can't tell

whether it's organic unless you acknowledge that it is an ad.

The Baidu algorithm takes into account CTR, CPC bidding, and relevance to determine rank. Next to your Ad Creative, you can also include links and a picture. Baidu also offers a great brand zone product, which basically allows a brand to buy a full page of Baidu whenever a user searches for that brand. 

Baidu Organic Search

Compared to Google, Baidu has a similar organic approach but is just a bit behind.

Baidu does not crawl non-HTML content, so avoid building a non-HTML page.

Rich snippets from Baidu can be more dynamic and interactive compared to those from Google. In addition to structured data submissions, Baidu also has its link-building platform. 

Compared to Google, Baidu excels at valuing fresh content more than content that is based on backlinks. So updating your content regularly shows Baidu that you're continuously improving the quality of your WebPages. 

Be patient if you have a new domain. You will need to wait for it to age before it can rank. The Meta keywords and descriptions are also considered ranking factors by Baidu.

If you're a newbie in search and don't know what Meta keywords are, ask a Baidu SEO veteran to help you out. 

360 Search 

Bing for Google is similar to the 360 Search for Baidu. 360 search controls between 26-30% of the desktop market share that is paid. But, the major difference bidding for 360 Search has is prices of about 50% less compared to Baidu. Also, they have slightly better conversion rates. Non-Chinese companies or individuals can register easily even though with a few government requirements.

No setup fees are charged by 360 Search. They have however put down a much larger deposit, at 30,000 RMB.  There are also campaign management tools, but they are only available in Chinese.

The Mobile Search Engine and Organic Search on Baidu's mobile app 

  • Google's mobile search and Baidu's organic search on
  • Mobile phones are similar in some ways, but Baidu's is a bit more advanced.
  • In China, most people have Smartphones rather than laptops and desktops, so the search engine focuses mostly on mobile. For instance, Baidu's AMP is called MIP or Mobile Instant Page. The most important factor is usually loading speed for mobile and mobile-friendly sites. With an 83 percent share of the mobile search market, Baidu dominates the space.

Baidu Search Engine: Why Isn't It like Google's

Google and Baidu search engines have their differences that can impact your strategy. The strategy you use on Google may not work in China. In comparison to Google, Baidu is better made for China and provides more results that are relevant to China. Google is an international company, so it has to be very spread out, and cannot focus on a single demographic.

  • In the rest of the world, Google holds 90% of users, while Baidu has 1%, so Google outpaces Baidu in terms of users, but Baidu is better for China. So as no China citizen, you will need to order SEO promotion in Baidu cheaply from platforms like Accfarm to promote blogs or sites in China. 

Additionally, Baidu makes more money from advertisements than Google. Baidu makes 97.7% in this area where Google makes 88.3%. Therefore you may consider finding SEO packages in Baidu to use for your advertisements or promotions. While Baidu is the best search engine in China, Google is the best search engine elsewhere in the world.


How to Remove Baidu Search Engine Android

To remove Baidu SEO from your Android, follow these quick steps. Start by Installing a 'Root Browser' from Google Play, if you have a device that is rooted. Go to the phone directory and click on /data/data/com. Then Select the Baidu browser and delete it, re-launch the phone, and you will not be bothered by it again.

How to Remove Baidu Search Engine from Internet Explorer

You can remove the Baidu search engine from Internet Explorer by resetting its default setting or doing the following:

Opening Internet Explorer, and then selecting Tool, followed by Safety then Delete

browsing history. After that

put the tick in cookies and click Delete. Then click in this order: Tool followed by Manage

Add-ons, Toolbars, and then Extensions to disable

the undesired add-on.

What Is the Global Search Engine Market Share of Baidu

Despite its size, Baidu accounts for nearly 76% of China's search engine market, making it the second largest search engine worldwide. In early 2007, the company became the first Chinese company to make the to NASDAQ-100 list.

 As of 2018, Baidu's market capitalization exceeded US$99 billion. In the same year of 2018, Baidu was the first company to join a US-based computer ethics consortium Partnership on AI.

Order SEO Promotion in Baidu Cheap

If you own an online business or a site that needs a huge market in China Mainland, then you need to promote the site on Baidu so people in China can access it quickly. You can do these through a relevant agency or a reputable social media service platform like Accfarm. You can order SEO promotions on Baidu cheaply and still get real results for your promotion.

SEO Packages for Baidu

As you have seen you can use Baidu to market your business in China. However, it is important to find the best SEO in Baidu.  

Accfarm, which is a leading social media service platform, offers different SEO packages for Baidu. You can choose from the Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages in Baidu from Accfarm. Each package comes with different features and you select one that will suit your needs.

SEO in Baidu

Your business website can achieve a lot more if you consider Baidu. You can promote the site on Baidu with ease especially if you let the professionals like Accfarm help you by offering the best SEO packages for Baidu.

Promote the Site in Baidu

Most non-locals with sites who want to sell in China or reach an audience in China for whichever reason will need to promote the site with Baidu. This is major because Google is banned in China and leaving Baidu as the main search available to be frequently used by China residents.


Clearly, Baidu gains more when it comes to advertisements compared to Google. Therefore you can take advantage of sites like Accfarm to get SEO packages that will help promote your services. The good thing about this is that it covers you from making SEO mistakes that could cost you a lot if you were to do everything on your own. Remember there are many different dialects that could change the meaning of Chinese keywords that you thought you knew about.

The SEO packages you order from Accfarm are designed by native Chinese and you are guaranteed 100% performance and results. What makes the platform even better than others is that it provides a money-back guarantee, and their customer service is like no other. With 24/7 support personnel availability, you can be sure that any issue you have in relation to purchasing packages, or any other service will be resolved almost immediately.

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