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How Can You Effectively Gain More Traffic on Your Twitter

3 minutes read

How Can You Effectively Gain More Traffic on Your Twitter

Have you been wondering how to generate Twitter traffic on your profile? Twitter has approximately 300 million users, which means that many people can notice you once you correctly strategize how you will use this social media platform. It wasn't always pure luck or coincidence that people gain more retweets, likes, and followers on their Twitter. At times, you also need to formulate a plan to increase your account's number of engagements. This article will provide you some tips that you can use on your Twitter, and all you have to do is take down some notes and apply them to your page.

How to Get Traffic From Twitter That Converts?

If you are planning on how to generate free traffic from Twitter on your account, you can do these things to convert more people:

1. Just Keep Tweeting and Remember to be Consistent It is hard to be noticed on Twitter if you rarely tweet. Users can only see one of your tweets on your followers' timeline in a span of 15 to 20 minutes. If you want to be continuously visible to your followers and for other people to be curious about you, you have to be consistent on tweeting.

2. Consider What Time of the Day Are You Going to Tweet Make your tweet count by knowing which time Twitter users are most active. People don't use their social media 24/7 since they also have work, school, and other important things. Check out some surveys and other analytics that show which time people use their social media to waste the tweets you share.

3. You Can Reshare Your Previous Tweets or Other Shared Content Since you have to be consistent with your tweets, you can also reuse your old content by resharing it on your timeline. Set a period before resharing your old content so that your followers won't see it as repetitive. You can test which copy on your tweet is the most effective in promoting old content so you can have more engagement.

4. Ask Your Twitter Followers to Interact With Your Tweet Your tweets can be a two-way street where people can retweet, reply, and like. You can make your tweet go viral if you ask your followers to join in the conversation. Ask if they agree to your tweet by replying, or tell them to like the tweet if they agree with your opinion. Called-to-action tweets are a great move on how to generate Twitter traffic on your account.

5. You Can Have More Traffic by Getting Twitter's Paid Ad Another way to get more traffic on Twitter is by opting for paid ads. Promoting your tweet through ads is highly effective since your specific target audience will be able to see your tweet. Choose the content to promote that has the best quality to convert more people in checking your Twitter page.

How to Get More Traffic to Your Twitter Page?

How much traffic Twitter will generate on your page depends on how interesting your profile and tweets. Listed below are some actions that you can do to generate more traffic on your page:

1. First Rule Is to Choose the Best Profile Picture and Cover Photo Forget how much traffic will Twitter generate if you use a human-shaped avatar or egg profile picture on Twitter. No one trusts that type of profile. You will look suspicious if you're going to do that, and no one will be interested in your page. It will show how clueless you are on Twitter, someone who just started an account or an inactive user. So, if you want to step up your Twitter game and get more traffic on your page, you need to upload the best picture for your profile.

2. Update Your Twitter Bio and Add a URL of Your Other Pages The bio on your Twitter should be short yet could catch the attention of people checking your page. You can include other URLs on your bio so people could also follow other platforms you have. Twitter is one of the platforms where you can share other things you are doing, such as blogs, your business page, or selling a product. Write a short call to action statement on your bio that would make people click on the URL.

3. Choose the Best Tweet That You Can Pin on Your Page Pinning a tweet is helpful, especially if you're promoting a blog or other website. People visiting your Twitter page can easily find your blog or business page through your pinned tweet. The traffic that you have on Twitter can also lead to more traffic on other websites.

4. Have Some Humor and be Creative With Your Tweets

Usually, people will check out your Twitter account if they saw an interesting tweet you've made. No one will check out your Twitter page if you only produce boring and uninformative tweets. Be creative and produce tweets that people can relate to, especially your target audience.

How Much Traffic Can I Generate From Daily Twitter Posts?

Questions such as: "how much traffic can I generate from daily Twitter posts?" can only be answered depending on your performance on how you will handle your Twitter page. If you want to increase your daily traffic on Twitter gradually, here are some tips that you can apply to your tweets:

1. Shorten Your Tweets Yet Don't Forget to be Creative

Keep your tweet short yet have an impact on everyone reading it. Not everyone is patient and has the time to read a long tweet, and most users are just scanning through tweets they see on their timeline. Make it strong, short, and creative, so you can immediately attract the user's attention reading it.

2. Give the Visuals That People Want to See on Twitter

Seeing a lot of text can get boring, especially if you're scanning on Twitter. From time to time, produce some tweets that include pictures that will get people interested. Images can easily get your followers' attention, and it has a higher chance of receiving more likes and retweets. Every so often, tweet some pictures and videos that are related to your content.

3. What Is the Trending Hashtag for the Day in Your Country?

Using a hashtag will help you get more engagement since these kinds of tweets are easier to find. However, avoid using too many hashtags and only use up to two. If you want to increase your daily engagement, you may check out the current Twitter trends in your country and relate your content to get more exposure.

4. Consider Including Quotes and Statistics on Your Posts

Posts that include quotes and statistical results pique the interest of people. Adding numbers and characters to your tweets helps make your post stand out among the rest since you give out information to the readers. If you are using your Twitter to promote your blog, you may quote one of the best lines that you have on your tweet.

5. Use That "@" and Mention People on Your Tweets

If you want to quote or mention influencers and celebrities on your posts, feel free to do so. It is an opportunity for you to get noticed by their fans, and if you're lucky, the influencer or celebrity could retweet or like your tweet leading to more traffic on your Twitter page. To summarize, your traffic and engagement on Twitter can increase overnight and drastically decrease within a day. Meanwhile, others have gradual status on their traffic performance. You can use this social media platform to benefit, especially to promote other pages and websites you have. How to generate Twitter traffic highly depends on how you're going to strategize and manage your account.

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