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How to Scrape User Data on Instagram in 2020

3 minutes read

Scraping User Data on Instagram

Influencer marketing is a modern-day hype now pursued by millions of Instagrammers. Thanks to the ever-growing earning opportunities made possible by the thirty-three percent of retailers that now consider influencer marketing as their core marketing focus, success odds are at all-time highs. Instagram is also an incredible platform to leverage for internet marketers and digital entrepreneurs alike as the platforms two-hundred million monthly users provide great audience reach opportunities, especially for those that have learned how to scrape Instagram accounts.

Introduction to Scraping and Instagram

Scraping is the technique of automating data extraction.
In this case, ‘Instagram scraping’ is when you crawl the platform to extract data pertinent to your needs.

Scraping Instagram is a method used to generate data points and resources, such as:

  • Usernames
  • Bio
  • Hashtags
  • Posts
  • Videos
  • Followers

Let’s dive deeper into scraping user data on Instagram to get a closer look at the true value to be had with scraping.

Instagram Scraping – Abundance of Insightful Data Await

You’ve likely heard of scraping as today’s most talked-about marketing exploit.
It should come as no surprise as scraping allows you to generate data otherwise not possible, at least not without investing hundreds of hours into manual crawling (which no one has time for). We’ve compiled a list of data points that scraping is capable of generating; see why Instagram scraping is used by those that want to achieve results that are far from ordinary. Instagram scraping is done to generate many data points, such as:

  • Find accounts based on keywords: Want to discover niche-specific accounts? Need to target accounts based on interests? Input your keyword and the software will generate a list of accounts related to your keyword.

  • Discover profiles based on hashtags: Hashtags are what Instagrammers use to rank their posts and page for given words. Input a hashtag and the scraper will generate a list of accounts that have used that hashtag.

  • Generate lists based on the following: Input any username and the software will scrape the list of all followers of the specified account. It can also generate a list of each account followed by that account.

  • Filter accounts by liked activity: Input the image URL to an Instagram post and the scraper will produce a list of ever username that liked that photo.

  • Gather pages by comments: Copy and enter the image URL and the scraper will deliver a list of every account that commented on that photo (great for generating a list of highly-active accounts to follow).

  • Collect accounts based on location: Enter your desired location and the software will give you a demographically-targeted list.

Using Instagram Accounts for Scraping - What you need to know

One of the most important steps is accessing your Instagram account from the same IP address. Storing and saving your session using extensions such as Cookie-Editor or Cookie Pro (Chrome-based extensions) will allow you to store and reuse cookie data for later, safe-account access. To ensure account integrity, AccFarm bundles accounts with cookie and user-agent data. We also offer a quality-backed proxy service that won't leave your projects susceptible to the issues commonly experienced with shared IP addresses. Most Instagram-automation tools allow users to import cookie and user-agent data directly into the software. What's convenient about this is that by importing cookies, logging out of your account at the end of sessions isn't required; user-agent data shows the same information upon each login. AccFarm users receive the account data, which include credentials, user-agent data and cookies.

Safely Operating your Instagram Accounts - AccFarm Tips

Before you begin using your accounts there are tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, you need to carefully consider the actions you take on your account before doing so. The actions not only need to be done methodically but the quantity of your actions as well. For example, when logging into your account for the first time, don't start following or messaging lots of people. Your behavior needs to emulate that of a legitimate user that doesn't have the intention of botting Instagram. Start spamming IG and following tons of people as soon as you log in and your account will be viewed by Instagram has a fake or compromised account. Take it slow, post once or two per day, send messages only periodically, and grow your page over time to appear as a legitimate user offering value to the community. As your account matures, the restrictions on actions will become more lenient which will enable you to harness the power of Instagram scraping to its full potential; but that takes some time to reach.

Fresh Accounts:

During the first twenty days, action intervals need to be regulated to 36-48 seconds. This mean, if the software is set to follow a list of scraped accounts, set the intervals to follow the accounts at least thirty-six seconds apart.
The first few weeks of using your account determine the longevity of the profile; be as natural as possible and don't perform more than 500 account actions per day.

Older Accounts:

While there are no story limits, it's best to not post more than 40 of them per day. Regarding likes, keep that to a maximum of 20 per hour with no more than 500 per session (taking a 24-hour break in between sessions). AccFarm recommends performing no more than 500 likes and subscriptions per day. We also advise that you limit these actions to no more than 20 per hour.

When it comes to direct messages, don't send more than one per minute. Increasing this number can cause account suspicion and result in the action being suspended, or worse, your account could become terminated. Send and respond to no more than 1000 per day with a 15-hour break in between sessions.

Yandex/Direct Limits: Set the interval to between 450-650 seconds. Send no more than 100 messages per day to followers and no more than 30-40 per day to non-followers. The number of safe daily messages to non-follower accounts continues to be a highly-debated topic, but keep this number low, don't abuse the action, and you should be safe.

Mentions: It's recommended that you limit the number of accounts mentioned in your comment to 5. Don't tag more than this number to prevent your account from appearing spammy.

Uploading Photos: Don’t upload multiple photos to an account simultaneously. Ideally, you'll limit your uploads to 3 per day on new accounts with 12 per day on aged instagram accounts.

Upload Text: Your photo or video caption can contain a maximum of 2000 characters.

Instagram Scraping – Made Easy, Made Safe

Success with Instagram scraping comes down to two factors; action limitations and usage. For long-term success with scraping, keep your actions to a minimum when you first use your account and don’t over-due messages, uploads, or account mentions. It’s also of great importance that you always use the same user-agent data and IP address when accessing your account and to never alter this information during sessions. Consistency is key to maintaining the natural-user appearance and will help you to avoid account-imposed limitations. For all of your account and usage needs, AccFarm is here to help and to enable your success with the help of our experienced team whose goals are to provide an Instagram scraping and account-buying experience you won’t soon forget.

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