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Boosted Accounts with Followers, Likes and Influence




✅ Thematic Accounts for Social Networks ?

Social media accounts always carry an identity that would distinguish them apart from other social media account. These themes also determine the kind of followers they would get in their social media accounts. Influencers carefully frame the content they post to ensure that these posts cater to the overall theme.

Deciding on a theme is just one of the many strategies to gain publicity in social media accounts. For a social media account to succeed, it must experience tremendous growth in the number of followers they receive. However, it takes a tremendous amount of time for influencers to arrive at the number of followers they want. A boosted account does the trick for many influencers and businesses. Boosted accounts are an excellent way for influencers to save time building their follower fanbase.

✅ What is a Boosted Account?

A boosted account is a marketing strategy for people to grow their followers exponentially. Influencers boost their account through various strategies. Some influencers pay for their posts to show up on users’ news feed if it matches their target market. Some influencers pay other social media influencers to boost their accounts by expanding their reach to more interested audiences.

A boosted account is another strategy to propel your business forward rapidly. Boosted accounts usually involve buying social media accounts with a growing follower count to save time in building it themselves. This strategy allows the influencer to focus more on creating their content rather than complicated marketing strategies.

✅ Do Boosted Accounts Get Banned?

Contrary to popular belief, boosted accounts are fair game in the social media industry. Many beginning influencers use this strategy to avoid the slump at the beginning of their account’s growth.

Social media websites only ban your accounts if it detects any suspicious activity such as scamming, hacking, phishing, or handling false information. The users may report your account to the social media platform to review the case. If it finds anything suspicious in your activities, you can lose your social media account.

Buy Boosted Accounts ❤️

The first step in finding a boosted social media account is finding the right seller. We provide you various boosted accounts to cater to your marketing needs. Regardless of your purpose, we purposely grew these social media accounts with followers to contribute to your growth as an influencer.

We directly transfer all the rights to these boosted accounts after completing the entire transaction process. Starting social media influencers can receive the growth that other influencers took years to build. You can use this account to jumpstart your Instagram account until you are as popular as your favorite influencers.

? Most Expensive Social Media Accounts 


Because of the rising number of Facebook users, you can experience significant growth when using this social media platform. This social network also presents different advertising methods to help grow your business exponentially.

Facebook is also one of the most expensive social media accounts to advertise your business with. The boosted Facebook accounts generally cost, depending on the kind of promotion you request. However, the higher price comes with the possibility of significant growth at a faster pace.


YouTube is the primary social media account for any vlogger and social media influencer. The challenge comes in keeping these subscribers interested in the content you make.

Thus, ensure that the account you are buying contains subscribers that already like the content you make. These users might end up unsubscribing to your YouTube account if it does not meet their expectations and demands. Nevertheless, buying a boosted YouTube account is an excellent marketing strategy to increase publicity faster.

? Is it Legal to Buy Social Media Accounts?

Legally, no laws are prohibiting you from buying or selling social media accounts. The difficulty lies in the Terms and Conditions stated on the social media platforms. For example, the terms of Instagram state that you may not sell, assign or license any account to another person. However, companies and small businesses are the only entities allowed by the social media network to create accounts for their employees.

Although buying social media accounts is not breaking any laws, the terms and conditions in the social media network might make buying social media accounts more difficult. The best strategy you can do is boost your current social media accounts to get the followers you desire. You can hire a social media marketer to boost your account by helping you find the followers interested in your work.

☄️ The Best Social Media Platform for Business

The best social media platform for any business primarily depends on the business nature. Instead of dictating the best social media platforms to use, we will show you the most popular platforms and the kind of companies that would benefit the most from these platforms.


Every business must have a Facebook page for people to see. This strategy makes it easier for you to reach out to as many people as possible. Facebook’s advertising services could increase the number of people visiting your Facebook page. There are also promotion strategies that you can see on your Facebook page to determine the kind of ads you want to post.

Generally, all kinds of businesses can benefit from having a Facebook business page. The challenge now is finding the right marketing strategies to increase the market penetration of your goods or services.

? Social Network Accounts for Advertising

Advertising refers to creating advertisements that your target market will see. For example, Facebook collects the information from the users’ internet activity to find the right ads to post on their news feed. Thus, a business can select the users that would benefit the most from their products or services. 

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