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Chinese Social Media 2021

China provided the world with many different social media apps they can use. Some of these social media apps are very vital in the daily lives to Chinese citizens. China also created different applications to serve as their national communication instead of other apps.

This article shows you everything you need to know about Chinese Social Media Apps. We will show you the most popular social media apps in China and the ones most popular and accessible for other countries. You will also learn how to buy your own Chinese social media accounts and the best websites to find the best social media account sellers. 

Chinese Social Media Platforms 

The biggest misconception we hear people make is that Chinese social media apps are only applicable for Chinese citizens. While China largely uses many applications as their sole messaging app, people still use accepted applications worldwide. Some of these social media apps might even appear completely familiar to you without knowing that China developed them.

Unfortunately, some of these social media applications are usually written in Chinese, making them very hard to use for other nationalities. Some of these applications mostly target Chinese citizens who can only understand Chinese. Most applications, however, offer a translated feature in their application to make it easier for other nationalities to use the application.

Popular Social Media Apps in China 

WeChat Chinese Social Media Platforms

WeChat is one of the most popular social media applications used by China. This application is an all-in-one application that allows very comfortable communication with different people. Think of WeChat as another Facebook or Wattsapp but with more features for its users. For example, WeChat also offers online games, shopping, and financial services for its users. This accessibility makes it one of the most convenient social media apps in China.

If you visit their site, you will see a picture of people from different countries using the application to converse with each other. This application opens its doors to different nationalities to experience a better communication service that offers different pleasure features.

Sana Weibo Chinese Social Media Platforms

Sana Weibo is the primary blogging platform in China. Think of Sana Weibo as the combination of Facebook and Twitter merged into one application. Currently, this application generated a total of 515 million active users in the first quarter, with 94% actively using their mobile version.

This application primarily allows you to express your thoughts through different posts while other people engage in it. You can also share different images, memes, and videos with your followers. Chinese citizens usually use Sana Weibo for any governmental updates by following the government’s social media accounts. Chinese citizens can also view the different upcoming events in China as interesting to them.

Many businesses also use Sana Weibo as a means of digital marketing to a younger audience. Different businesses use this post for their followers to view their different products and services without any hassle. Chinese Social Media Platforms

Douban serves as China’s discussion forums to allow its users to talk about different topics to other interested parties. Many people visit this application to view the different emerging trends in different topics like books, movies, and videos. People usually compare Douban to Reddit but are usually more accepted by Chinese citizens.

Unfortunately, different nationalities might find it more difficult to view the different features promised by Douban. Their platform is written in Chinese, making it hard for different nationalities to engage with these topics. However, the desktop option offers you a translated version if any topic piques your interest.

Meituan-Dianping Chinese Social Media Platforms

Think of Meituan-Dianping as the Chinese version of Yelp. This application views the different restaurants in China that the user might be interested in. With the current COVID-19 situation, the application also offers delivery services to any interested party looking for a different dining experience. This application also allows its users to rate their favorite restaurants to convince other people to visit them.

Many restaurants use this application to gain publicity and to open themselves up to a wider audience. Different users can also use this app to view different establishments around china that might be interesting to them, like gyms, libraries, malls, and the like. The application also provides you a map to make it easier to reach the establishment.

Other Social Media Apps Made by China 

As we stated before, many apps are also accessible to a worldwide audience. Many of the popular applications you use right now are made by Chinese web and application developers. Here are some of the most popular social media applications you might have on your phone.


Many people consider TikTok as one of the most successful and popular social media applications in the world. TikTok experienced tremendous growth through its ability to share fifteen-second videos from different people. Many influencers experienced tremendous growth by sharing these short videos and earn money through different companies sponsoring them.


This application is another app that allows people to share different images and videos with their contacts. This application simplified the traditional email file transfer process and created an app to make it easier. Since its inception, SHAREit has accumulated over 1.8 billion users worldwide, mainly from Indian and Indonesian users.

Some companies use this application as an easier method to relay information to their employees. Instead of spending time drafting an email to send the file, they can conveniently send the file through the app without any other processes in between.


PUBG is a video game widely known around the world for its fast-paced battle royale setting. This application paved the career for all aspiring professional gamers. Currently, PUBG racked up over 600 million users since its inception. Despite being a desktop game, PUBG also released PUBG mobile to make it accessible for mobile gamers.

Do These Apps Only Work in China? 

As you can see, many different worldwide applications are created by different Chinese software companies. While other companies focus on creating nationwide applications for users specifically in china, some companies choose to expand their reach to different people over the world.

How to Buy Chinese Social Media Accounts 

If you plan to visit China, these applications can help make your visit more fruitful and enjoyable. If you are a business dealing with Chinese buyers, these applications can make it easier for your buyers to interact with you. Unfortunately, some Chinese social media apps might not be available in your country. These reasons motivate other professionals and interested parties to buy Chinese social media accounts to get the applications' privileges.

Websites that Sell Chinese Social Media Accounts 


Accfarm serves as the middleman between the buyer and the seller. Different users can sell their used social media accounts for any person needing these social media accounts. Some sellers sell Chinese social media accounts accompanied by the different verification processes already made for you.

How to Set Up a Chinese Social Media Account

Register for a QQ Account 

Registering for a QQ account is like registering for another email. This account can serve as the email you will use to register for any other Chinese social media account. This account can also help you interact with your Chinese contacts. If you plan to visit China, you can also register or an account to make it easier to download the other apps you plan to use for your visit.

Find the Social Media Applications Available in Your Country

If you are not from China, some of the applications might be restricted in your country. Consider finding the different social media applications that your country accepts before downloading them. Nevertheless, the more popular Chinese social media accounts like TikTok and the others we showed you before should still appear on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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