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Best Place to Buy Facebook PVA Accounts

There are plenty of options on the Internet where you can buy PVA Facebook Accounts. But Accfarm is the best place to purchase Facebook accounts in bulk because we have been doing it since 2013. Our FB accounts are verified via phone SMS and contain all needed information including:

  • Phone Number
  • Email 
  • Login and Password
  • User Agent (Country, Browser and OS versions that were used for account registration).

This is why our Facebook Accounts are so reliable and good standing. You will receive not only credentials but all the properties of an account. Thus, if you run into an issue when Facebook asks for SMS or Email verification you can confirm it with ease. Another plus to choose Accfarm as your supplier is the price. We provide high quality yet affordable Facebook accounts.

How to Buy Facebook PVA in Bulk?

If you need Facebook accounts in bulk, then our company will help you with a constant supply for a reasonable price. On Accfarm you can buy up to 100 Facebook Accounts or even up to 1000 Facebook Accounts at once. Please make sure to check the instructions for every single product and it is obligatory to read it before purchase and login. 

Facebook Accounts for Affiliate Marketing

Many of our clients are affiliate marketing professionals who run Facebook Ads on a scale. We understand that account quality is important for a media buying business. That is why we create a high quality Facebook account that successfully passes phone and email verification. All our FB accs are eligible for Facebook advertising campaigns and you can use them for your partner program promotions. But we ask you to read instructions and accounts descriptions properly before you buy an account.

Instructions How to Use Facebook PVA Account

There is a list of rules on how to use fb accounts from Accfarm so that they live longer and bring your better results.

  • Read format of credentials in the product card of an account. Please note that we use different separator characters.
  • Read properly how to use the account that you want to buy. All important info is stated in the product information page.
  • Read properly overall Instructions and the Refund Policy of Accfarm
  • If you have any additional questions you may drop a line to our support

Please make sure that you have met all our rules. Otherwise there is a chance to get an account disabled from your personal actions.

How to Farm Facebook Accounts

Farming Facebook Account is an old art that dates since the very start of Facebook social media network. As an experienced company in generating, farming and supplying Facebook accs we have a set of rules and instructions that help get better results.

Farm your facebook account in the right way:

  1. Verify it via Phone

  2. Get Email

  3. Use a unique profile picture

  4. Use unique proxy from a particular country

  5. Deliver unique content for 5 days

  6. Do not run any ads before these steps are made

Of course we understand that not many people have their own facebook botnets or infrastructure. Thus, we can offer you a SaaS model where you use our fb generator tool and pay on a monthly subscription basis. With this facebook pva generator you can create accounts in bulk.

Buy Facebook PVA accounts

How to Create Facebook Botnet?

Starting a fb botnet in 2020 is a complicated task. You need to have high quality pva accs, a lot of sim cards, unique content, unique profile pictures, good scripts, etc. However if you partner with Accfarm you can buy all Facebook PVAs from our store and run your botnet with ease.

Facebook is the biggest and most popular Social Network up to the date. Thus, buying Facebook accounts can help you expand on this huge market. We recommend you purchase Facebook Softreg Accounts (Facebook Autoreg Accounts) for your business projects or services. Facebook Softreg are bot registered accounts that were properly verified by phone number or Email. Accfarm offers you Empty Facebook Autoreg Accounts and Aged Facebook Accounts with friends and content.

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