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BattleNet Marketplace 

Diablo, Starcraft II, World of Warcraft. Do these games sound familiar to you? These games have been three of the favorites of online gamers even up to this date despite their origin dating back to the early '90s. Online gaming these days is a hobby anymore; for some, it is their source of income. The online gaming community has a wide fan base, and just like any other fun basis, these folks treat each other as families. One of the well-known online gaming communities is introduced their marketplace dedicated to catering to the needs of online gamers who want to add some fun to their gaming experience. This platform is full of in-app purchases that make the gamers unlock certain feats in the game. In this article, we're going to zero in on what this platform is all about.

What Is is a one-stop platform created by Blizzard Entertainment. It was formerly known as Blizzard, which dates to 1996. It serves as both online gaming and social networking platform.

It is one of the pioneers of the gaming community that was directly embedded in the game itself. It became an instant hit to gamers since account creation is rather simple, and there are no membership fees. Blizzard Entertainment paved the way for others to follow in their footsteps as well. has gone through major revamping over the years. From Blizzard, it changed its name to Classic, then 2.0. Developers also created a desktop app called desktop app. Along with those rebranding, introduced enhanced features as well. There have been talks of another rebranding on the way, but for now, the developers are sticking to the name

BattleNet’s Marketplace – What Is It?

BattleNet Marketplace is a platform where Blizzard gamers can purchase add ons to their games or gears for gaming. It is a one-stop platform for purchases for all Blizzard games. Some gamers can only unlock these purchases by buying them with real money. There are also some pre-purchases that gamers can register to make sure that they get in front of the line when a certain game or content launches.

BattleNet’s marketplace also lets gamers manage their accounts. For example, they can see the BattleNet balance, add certain games to their wishlist or contact support should there be a need.

This platform has gone through some bumpy roads back then, and it was on the brink of being canceled. However, thanks to the dedicated team of their developers, Blizzard successfully launched the project.

There are certain marketplaces where users buy, sell or trade accounts in Blizzard. Since online gaming has gained popularity, it has also entered the world of marketing. Usually, there are in-app purchases that require real money to be processed. Often, these contents or upgrades can only be unlocked or explored if the gamer pays for them. Some marketplaces give out free trials to let the gamer get a feel of the "pro" version.

You can buy accounts online. Some gamers resort to this method to have access to downloadable contents or certain perks that a certain amount of real money can buy. We will look at some of the things that you need to know before you choose to buy accounts.

Buy, Sell & Trade BattleNet Accounts

If you search “buying accounts” in Google, you’ll generate different search results of providers offering this service. So the question "Can I do it?" can be answered with a yes. "Is it legal?" on the other hand, it might have a different answer.

Regardless of what accounts you’ll buy, it is always important to be cautious and ready for possible consequences. Platform regulators are very strict in imposing a ban on those caught doing this activity, leading to a permanent ban on the community.

If you think that the consequence is something that you can avoid or handle, let’s talk about buying and selling accounts.

Get Your BattleNet Account

There are a lot of providers where you can buy accounts. You can even score a good provider where you can buy accounts cheap. Since there are many out there, we’ve come up with a list of tips to help you decide where you can score quality accounts.

1. Check for customer reviews.

Checking for customer reviews is always a classic tactic to do in researching. Customer reviews are testimonies of real people who experienced a certain service first-hand. These reviews also give you a glimpse of what to expect from the provider you’ll go for.

While it’s good that there are many positive reviews about a provider, you still have to be keen about those reviews. Companies can buy reviews for a price, so do your due diligence in researching a bit deeper. Accounts with usernames containing alphanumeric combinations are usually bogus ones. You will have to use your sound judgment if a certain review is legit.

2. Check for reports about users getting banned.

If a certain user reports that he/she got banned using the purchased account, you can raise your red flag. The primary risk of purchasing accounts, reviews, or other things for access is getting banned from the community. You are going to purchase these accounts to be able to play, not the other way around.

3. Check if the price is right.

Have you ever found yourself splurging on something that you think is worth it and then later found that there was a cheaper price for it from other brands? The same scenario can happen in buying accounts. Always make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of flowery or well-composed words. Instead, take time to scout and look for a provider that gives you the best value for your money.

Again, if you choose to purchase accounts, you should be aware of the consequence should there be. Should there be any discrepancies on the account, the moderators will trace the account creation details. If they found out some under-the-table processes, there might be a risk of being banned.

Where Can You Buy Accounts Cheap?

If you search in Google, you’ll land on some search results where you can buy accounts at an affordable price. Moreover, we have compiled a list of platforms where gamers can buy and sell accounts:


Same as with the other two, this platform lists different available accounts to be purchased. You can also see the price right away as you go through the list, making you filter your search easier and quicker if budget is a concern, too.

Other providers offer this service out there; in terms of deciding which is the best, you'd have to find where you feel comfortable with. is a gaming community developed by Blizzard and Activision, which paved the way for other gaming communities to arise. The platform has a dedicated marketplace where gamers can purchase certain modifications, upgrades or gaming hours that suit their gaming needs.

Nowadays, marketplaces, where gamers can trade, sell or buy accounts cheap, have emerged as well. There are certain risks in participating in these kinds of activities, though. Blizzard moderators are always on the lookout for forged accounts, so you must be cautious about purchasing accounts from others.

Other legal actions can be taken as well, especially if trading accounts correspond to trading real money. But, again, you must be careful.

There are some platforms that you can find online where you can score a good deal if you’re looking to buy accounts. If you are a seller, you can use these platforms as well.

Online gaming should be a fun experience, not a stressful one. It is a thriving activity that does serve not only hobbyists but also those who are gifted with amazing gaming skills and can use them to make a living. Have fun gaming!

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