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How to Purchase Real iOS Installs

Many app developers and marketing specialists are interested. But it is quite difficult to gain more ios downloads when your application is new and you have a low budget for marketing. But Accfarm offers you a special tool that can help you boost your apple application and get real ios installs.

Why do we call these downloads real? First, off they look real and authentic. Second, they do promote your application in the apple store and affect ASO exactly as the real downloads. So, you have decided to purchase the authentic iOS installs and you want to know the best practice to do this.

Just read this quick guide and know how to purchase authentic downloads for your app:

  • Visit Accfarm and see the iOS installs section;
  • Choose the needed package for your campaign that fits your budget;
  • Indicate the number of installs you need;
  • Tune your campaign with GEO, schedule and delivery mode;
  • Proceed with a payment method that is convenient for you;
  • Make sure you have submitted the URL of your application correctly.

As you can see the process of app promotion is not that difficult. You can set up a campaign in 5 minutes and start boosting your iOS application.

How to Buy iOS Installs in Bulk

Accfarm provides a powerful tool that is able to run multiple advertising campaigns on a scale. With our platform, you can gain from 1000 and up to 1000000 iOS installs for your app.

NOTE: We provide fair discounts and bonuses for loyal clients who purchase in bulk. Please read instruction with the best practice to order installs in bulk:

Choose a bulk installs package;

Indicate the number of installs correctly;

Check the discounts and bonuses that you are rewarded with this order;

NOTE: We recommend using drip-feed as a delivery method for bulk orders. As you are receiving a huge number of downloads it is really important to make them look real and organic. Thus, drip-feed delivery makes your installs organic for iOS store.

How to Get More Real iOS Downloads

Accfarm recommends promoting your application in a healthy way. Apart from that, your application must be useful and solve people's problems or makes them happy. This application also must be popular and has outstanding statistics on the store.

So, you can follow our little strategy for iOS app promotion:

As the application is new to the market and has no solid stats. Just show the very first numbers, ordering real ios installs in bulk from Accfarm.

Since you get the first plausible statistics on your store page, you should work on organic traffic. Thus, we recommend focusing on real users and their performance.

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