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Why do I need to purchase Softreg Vkontakte Accounts?

Vkontakte (VK) accounts may become a good asset for your business. Especially if you focus on Russian-speaking audience, SMM activities or VK ads. We provide cheap Vkontakte accounts that you can buy in bulk. Please note, Accfarm delivers high-quality VK accounts for your personal or corporate needs. All our Vkontakte accounts are phone verified, so there are no need to buy a Russian phone number of use SMS verification services.

How to choose VK for Purchase?

Your decision must be based on your specific goals and the needs of your business or project. For instance, you can be developing or operating in these fields:

  • Comments on your ads to increase conversion
  • Development and increase of subscribers in your groups
  • SMM agency activities and Vkontakte Ads
  • VK accounts for reseller and affiliate programs
  • Marketing automation activities: auto liking, auto-posting, auto-following, mass DM, etc
  • Competitions and Raffles on Vkontakte

From our extended experience, we do recommend reading every account product card before you purchase it. Especially it counts for bulk VK accounts purchases. There are both unfilled profiles that contain only an avatar and profiles with friends and publications.

How to farm PVA VK Accounts?

Creating a Vkontakte account and keeping it in a good stand is quite an art. In the first place, you must provide all necessary details for its proper authorization, Which means you have to complete phone verification, email verification and know your user agent. To farm VK accs on a scale requires a good program tool and excellent scripts. However, if you are not a tech person and you lack time to investigate all vk updates, then Accfarm can help you with mass account registration. You may apply for our SaaS subscription and have access to our own tools and create as many Vkontakte PVA account as you want.

VK PVA Accounts are phone verified accounts on Vkontakte that are provided with a phone number. Accfarm delivers only the best quality Vkontakte PVA accs with a guarantee. Make sure you use Russian Proxy before you login.

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