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How do you write Chinese Words?

To write Chinese words you will first need to learn some aspects of the language including dialects. However, with many dialects or characters, Chinese is a complex language. To fully understand what we will be talking about, let's take a moment to clarify exactly what we mean by Chinese characters.

As a first step, you're going to learn Mandarin Chinese, which is the standard dialect. It is estimated that there are about 200 dialects spoken in China. Chinese is

the standard language in Beijing and is spoken or understood by two-thirds of the population. 

There are two types of Chinese characters: Traditional and Simplified. But Simplified Chinese characters are used by most people in Mainland China. Here are steps you can take towards learning to write in Chinese words, if you find the steps difficult but need Chinese texts for personal use or business, you can order writing text in Chinese from sites online.

Learning the Chinese Characters

Chinese is not like other languages that have certain reference points that can give an easy head start in learning the language. For example, if you are learning a language like French and hear a word such as l’hotel, you will quickly guess what it means since there is a link between the English and French alphabets.

In Chinese, every character, sound, and word seems novel and unique when you're just learning. You may feel as if you are learning an entire set of completely illogical and unconnected "squiggles" while learning Chinese characters. In most cases, rote learning is used to learn how to read and write the Chinese characters. You will need to write them again and again until you can memorize them.

Writing characters can be difficult. The Chinese language is written using an extremely delicate and beautiful series of strokes, which are derived from calligraphy techniques that were once used to paint characters on buildings and scrolls.

In China, children learn this writing system from the time they are young, so their muscles remember it for years. In order to become fully literate in the Chinese language, a non-native learner must master the order in which strokes are written if they ever hope to be able to write legibly.

As a non-native, when learning Chinese, the most important thing is to practice every day, even for a few minutes. Don't lose patience either! It takes a lot of time and effort to master something as complex as the Chinese language. 

Chinese Characters to Words

The Chinese language contains thousands of characters, each with its meaning and pronunciation. Therefore, to translate something like a simple Chinese newspaper requires non-native speakers to recognize about 10,000 characters or even more.

After learning Chinese characters, you can easily learn how to make words and to write from them. But there is still a lot of work involved since the vast majority of Chinese words are with two characters each. The bright side about learning the Chinese language is that the first part is the most difficult. Languages like English or French usually start off easy then quickly advance to difficult levels of grammar, tenses, etc.

Today you can avoid all the hassles of learning Chinese and order writing text in Chinese from reputable platforms.

How Do You Write Chinese on Screen?

To write Chinese on-screen, you will need to know how to set up your computer to type in Chinese. It is essential to learn how to type in Chinese especially if you are learning the language. But if you just need to pass a message in Chinese through your blog or website without going through the learning curve, you can simply order writing text in Chinese. Doing so is quick and easy. If you are using Microsoft or an iOS device, you will need to know how to enable writing in Chinese on both devices. Just like writing on paper, you will still need to be skilled in Chinese to also write on the screen.

How Do You Handwrite Chinese in Word

Microsoft Office Word supports writing in many languages. If you want, you can configure Word so that it will support right-to-left languages such as Thai as well as languages that use ideographic characters. Multiple versions of a single language, such as Simplified and Traditional Chinese, are available in Word. Before you can use Chinese characters within Microsoft Word, Windows must first be configured

Here are the steps you need to follow to handwrite Chinese in Word:

  • Click on Start, Control Panel, Date, Time, and Language Options to enable Chinese characters. The window to select Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options will appear.

  • To add other languages, click the "Add other languages" link. A window will open with the Regional and Language Options.

  • In the language selection tab, select "Install files for East Asian languages." Microsoft has Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean in its list of East Asian languages. A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the installation. Select the "OK" button in the dialog box.

  • Microsoft Word configuration: Click start, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Tools, and Microsoft Office Language Settings. This runs the setup process for the Language Settings window.

  • Make sure Chinese is listed under "Available Languages". To close the window and complete the process, click the "OK" button.

Is Chinese Written Right To Left?

Unlike the English language, which is written exclusively from right to left, the Chinese language is primarily written from left to right, with other texts written from top to bottom. Chinese was written from top to bottom, then from right to left, in ancient times. Therefore, when there is only one row, the characters are arranged from right to left. The reason for writing vertically is because, before the paper invention, bamboo sticks were used.

Order Writing Text in Chinese

As you can see, learning the Chinese language to a point of being able to create text with messages you want is not the easiest thing to do and even if you choose to learn the language, it will be time-consuming. Today you can easily order writing text in Chinese for your blog or website. However, you need to find professional sites that can help you achieve this. 

You can order any type of text you want, for example, if you are an online business, you can find text that aligns with your business or services so you can reach out to your audience effectively. You may order writing in Chinese from a platform like Accfarm that guarantees high-quality service, great customer service, and a money-back guarantee because such attributes point to a company that is reputable and authentic.

Another good thing about Accfarm is that the text you order will be delivered to you in good time and it also does not charge much if you compare to other platforms or even individual Chinese text writers with outstanding writing experience. You will also buy unique Chinese text that fits your needs which is great!

Buy unique Chinese text

Writing unique text in Chinese is cheap when you do it yourself, however, it can involve a lot of work, and if you are not fully conversant with characters or words, the outcome may not be as good for your target audience. Hiring random people to write for you may be a good idea but if you are not sure they are qualified to provide what you need, it can also be a problem. You can order writing text in Chinese from a site that is specialized and has a good track record. This is probably the best and the easiest way out. Identifying a good site is easy as there are many factors such as previous Chinese text buyer’s reviews that you can use to determine if your site of choice will deliver their end of the bargain. 

Writing unique text in Chinese is cheap

As we have seen, writing unique text in Chinese is cheap if you do it on your own, but given the skills required and efforts, it may be even cheaper to buy texts that are specially written by professionals to help achieve your goals. China’s mainland has a large population that most businesses or bloggers around the world may want to reach but without comprehensive texts, it can be extremely difficult to achieve that. You can spend as low as $35 to get a text of 1000 words or more delivered to you within 3 days or less.

With the growing influence of China in the world economic scene, understanding the Chinese language is important not only for interaction but for business transactions as well. Even though it is a tedious process to learn to write in Chinese, sites like Accfarm offer the best solution. We’ve seen how writing unique text in Chinese is cheap with the help of such sites and so you don’t have to worry about reaching your audience in China, all you need is a great idea of what you want to be delivered.

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