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This is Likee

The new forms of communication through social networks have generated an unprecedented transformation in the habits and customs of modern society. It is worth mentioning that innovations in the way of communicating have had positive and/or negative impacts on the life of society. One thing is for sure, there are many new types of transactions taking place in the online marketplace, which we did not encounter several years ago. For example, from day to day, the need for people to buy Likee shares, Facebook accounts, and Instagram followers tends to increase.

How have we communicated?

Society always seeks the development of mechanisms that facilitate dialogue in real time, from the first messages that were transmitted remotely through “corridors” that carried the message out loud, or using smoke signals, and through the percussion of drums. Later came writing, where the papyrus arose that led to an epistle or letter, until the use of the Morse code to issue a telegram. But the great invention that brought people closer was the telephone, and its principle is still present but constantly innovating thanks to the technology that surrounds us today. We must not forget that radio and television presented changes in the way of transmitting messages through audio and video images. This generated new social stereotypes around the world. However, it was not until the middle of the 20th century that the Internet emerged with the first electronic mail system, and by the end of that same century, social networks appeared to revolutionize and take the mass media to another level.

Buy Likee Shares - Social networks in numbers worldwide?

Today communication is very easy and dynamic, thanks to the advancement of technologies, the convergence of various devices, as well as artificial intelligence, its effects are observed in the different spheres of human activity, we talk, negotiate and learn with others in the distance in real time.

In the world there are 3.484 million active users on social networks, that is, 45% of the world population interacts through these platforms and, of which 3.256 million people, that is 42% of the population, access through of their mobile devices, a big increase compared to the previous year's results.

What are the social media apps conquering the youngest users?

It is no secret to anyone that social networks have forever changed the way we interact online, but it is also true that the taste for certain features on these platforms has also evolved together with their users. Now, the apps for sharing small music video loops have managed to conquer the youngest users, and we are not only talking about TikTok, the hyper popular micro video app because Likee has arrived with the intention of unseating the great Chinese social network of music videos.

With the arrival of smartphones and a higher speed of mobile connection, the era of social networks has arrived under the format of short videos, and in a digital era in which each app competes to stay relevant in the taste of users, new (and improved) versions are constantly emerging in order to achieve total leadership.

Likee was born from BIGO Technology Pte, a company based in Singapore, and whose initial name was LIKE, a social network proposal with short music video content that seeks to compete directly with TikTok.

LIKE has transformed its name to Likee, a change with which they intend to inform that they seek to offer more than a "like" or like on their platform, and added extra value to their offer, both for users and for content creators, with which it has achieved rapid growth.

What does Likee focus on?

According to its parent company, Likee's added value focuses on showing more than just funny videos accompanied by music: the platform aims to become a “source of valuable information”, since it wants to integrate content with practical knowledge such as tutorials, tricks, tips, among others.

Likee is the short video app that is about to gain popularity over TikTok. In addition, Likee has high-level intelligent recommendation technology that has been recognized internationally, so that users can quickly find the content that is most suitable to their interests, in addition to that influencers can find a greater number of followers loyal and who really want to know your new updates.

To help content creators improve their posts, Likee launched the Talent Creator Union, an initiative that aims to encourage them to be more innovative with their creations and get rewarded for it: the more value (i.e. engagement) their videos get, the more it will be your monetary reward.

Likee Shares - How to use Likee?

The first thing you have to do to try Likee is to download the app, either from Google Play or the Apple Play Store. Once it is installed on your mobile phone, you must create your profile and register with your mobile number.

Once you enter its main screen, you will see three navigation tabs: Follow, Popular and Nearby.

In the "Follow" tab you can find user suggestions with content that you may like, as for the "Popular" tab, it will show you videos of the biggest trends in the application and, finally, the "Nearby" section will show you videos of Likee users who are nearby, as long as you have allowed your location by GPS.

Its design is full of color and practical functions, which makes your experience more fun. To record a video, you will simply have to press the record button, just like you can do on TikTok and other social networks, and then start using the hundreds of editing possibilities, such as stickers, special effects and filters.

You can also add music either a song you have chosen or discovering from the available genres, among which are Pop, funny or "cute", among others. In your feed, only the publications of those you follow on the platform will be shown, and as a bonus, you can also share your creations on WhatsApp, or enable them to duet, comment or save your videos for other users.

Will Likee be able to unseat TikTok, the micro video social media giant?

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