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Press Release Distribution 

Nowadays, more and more artists and businesses are emerging. Along with that sprout are the gigs and events that these folks go to or take part in. If you’re one of them, you would need to have your niche (or market); to do it successfully, you would need to let them know what you're up to. To up your game from just promoting via your Facebook account or other personal social media accounts, you might want to consider online press release distribution.

Press release sounds corporate. But little do people realize that they might be writing press releases with lacking elements when they promote themselves, their business or an upcoming event. Have you seen some friends on Facebook post a gimmick that they will be doing? Have you done something of the same sort? Then read on to maximize one of the greatest resources of marketing.

Press Release Overview

The following subsections will show you the general things you need to know about the press release or PRs.

How Do You Define Press Release Distribution?

Distribution of press releases pertains to the act of letting people in the know of an upcoming event. Distribution of press releases are often offered online, but some people still prefer the traditional way of delivering announcements through newspapers or leaflets.

Typically, big businesses do press release distribution to invite people into an event (physical or virtual), and those people are the ones who set the hype.

Other times, press releases are done to make an official statement about a certain matter. In such a case, marketing has little to no involvement in the process.

How Do You Do Press Release Distribution?

There are different avenues to make press releases. Some offer services for distributing press release over the internet. You may also opt for a more personal and traditional approach. Below are some ways to do it:

1. Connect with journalists.

Connection is everything. Regardless of what you’re doing, it wouldn't hurt to know several people from that specific industry who might potentially help you with your plans. In distributing press releases, journalists, especially those with reputable standing, will do your public relations good, letting your advocacy, mission, vision, or statement gain more attention.

2. Pitch.

Journalists have an average of 200 pitches a day, making them “time-poor”. With this in mind, you would want to keep your pitch concise and direct to the point. Doing this method will make the journalist appreciate your seeking for help more.

3. Keep things interesting.

Have you ever come across something, say news on Facebook that immediately caught your attention? How about when deciding to watch videos on YouTube? What titles do you usually go for? People tend to go for topics or things that interest them quickly. The same principle applies to press releases. Often, the best press release distribution earned its success by having an attention-grabbing subject line.

4. Timing is paramount.

Timing is everything. Try to imagine this scenario: Emily just broke her leg when she was caught in a car accident. After a week of recovery, she decided to look for work, and her friend told her, "You can do it! Break a leg!" The timing might not be the most perfect in this situation. In the same way, timing in proposing your PR distribution to a journalist needs to be done in perfect timing.

Journalists will start going through their inbox early in the morning, and usually, they would want to finish off with it. With this in mind, you might want to send your proposal after an hour to ensure that the journalist is already online when your pitch is delivered.

5. Follow up only when necessary.

Congratulations! You got it settled with your journalist. The next question is, how soon will the press release be distributed? It's up to you if you’re going to follow up or not. Some people find it disrespectful to follow up on their request, whereas some find it effective. Rule of thumb: communication, whether follow up or anything else, should be done with tactfulness.

What About Online Press Release Distribution?

Of course! In today’s world, almost everything is digital. There are a lot of services for almost every request there is. PR distribution services are also offered online. If you google “press release companies”, you will see some top picks for companies to go for.

What Are Press Release Distribution Services?

Before talking about the details of the services, let’s look at the top picks for the distribution of press releases:

  • Linking News
  • Globe Newswire
  • Business Wire
  • PR Web
  • PR Newswire

The choices are not limited to these five picks. You may also do some research on your own to know what company to go to based on your needs and budget.

Now, let’s talk about the most common services being offered on the internet to distribute press releases.

  • Social media monitoring
  • Distribution of PRs on different social media platforms (either targeted or random audience)
  • Generating results of your press release performance
  • Some do not put a limit on the words of the press release
  • Allowing multimedia such as photos and videos.

There are different features and services that you can get depending on what company you’re going to go for.

Distributing Press Releases

Distributing press releases is not as simple as posting something on Facebook or tweeting something on Twitter. There are general rules that you need to follow to make it effective.

What Is the Proper Format of Press Release for Distribution?

Press releases can vary depending on people’s preference. We’ll list down the most common elements that you should include in your press release.

1. Business logo

It is the primary way of letting people know about your business. Notice how when we see the logo of McDonald's, we immediately know that it is McDonald's? Branding is very powerful in advertising and should also be included in distributing your press release.

2. Contact information

Almost any announcement includes the owner's contact number. This element allows people to be connected to the owner should there be any concerns or feedback.

3. Timeline or release date

Again, timing is important. Make sure to indicate the time and date when you want your announcement released.

4. Headline and body

These two are obvious elements that writers should include in every press release. Make your headline as attention-grabbing as possible, and make the body of your message relevant to the headline. It’s also a standard to include a place stamp and date before writing the first paragraph of your announcement.

5. Closing remarks

Three items should be present to officially end the press release: boilerplate, end notation, and your call-to-action. Boilerplate gives readers the overview of the company, business, or person that the press release refers to; end notation is usually indicated by three-pound signs (###) to signify the end of the page; call-to-action or the final note is the urge to reach out to the owner of the business for more information.

These five are the most common elements found on most press releases, but you may add some components to make it more personalized. Some examples are multimedia (photos, videos, graphics, etc.), quotes, hashtags, or interactive elements.

Starting a PR Distribution Service

You may want to start your distribution service instead of paying for one. In the next section, you will know what you’ll need to pull off this business.

How Do You Start a PR Distribution Business?

Today, online is the best way to go. But apart from the platform, you may need to bank on some skills to start your own distribution business for a press release. Below are some examples:

  • Skills in writing press releases with expertise in SEO
  • Ability to compose or write articles of varying topics following legal and board regulations
  • Establishing connections with journalists and people in the communications industry
  • Flexibility to edit your work as needed by the client
  • Thirst for continuous learning (especially about writing guidelines, SEO boost, etc.)

If you want to develop your skills, consistent writing is the way to go. This way, you will be able to develop mastery in writing press releases. Reading PRs and doing online courses regarding it also helps a lot to build or hone your skills.

Is There a Best Press Release Distribution Service?

Choosing the best in this industry is a matter of preference. To find the best, consider looking for these qualities from those companies:

  • Reputable standing
  • Wide connections with journalists and people in the communications industry
  • Clients – the bigger the names, the better
  • Not overpriced for the features they offer
  • Positive client feedback

In time, who knows, maybe your name will be among the top picks for best PR distribution companies.

Press release distribution services are effective ways to promote a business, brand or artistry. With help from experts and developing your skills, you can surely use this method to your advantage. Write endlessly, build connections, and make sure that your timing is perfect.

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