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Vimeo: What makes this platform special?

Vimeo or YouTube? YouTube or Vimeo? We know how popular YouTube is, but… what is Vimeo, is it worth giving this other network a chance? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Vimeo or how to use it?

From the outset we can say that Vimeo is one of the best made networks that exist. We, as good Geeks, have navigated it, tested it, and we want to show it to you. If this were not the case, production companies such as the BBC would not have their content here. Keep reading and, if you are not a fan, you will see what you are missing.

We love to watch videos on the internet.

Throughout the world, the audience for online videos has increased thanks to services such as Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo. Thus gaining more and more ground to cable or satellite television.

Vimeo Shares: I'm sure you agree with me on this:

The blame for the popularity of online video is obviously the growth in consumption of mobile connections, smartphones and tablets. But there is still a long way to go for online video content. At the moment it is an excellent bet and alternative to traditional media, because anyone who has resources and production knowledge can show the world incredible things or at least well done.

YouTube is an excellent alternative to consume video but 

The truth is that YouTube needs a content filter. It is possible to find very good productions and programs, of that there is no doubt, however, there is a lot of meaningless content. Sometimes overcrowding is not synonymous with quality. But don't worry, for that there are more specialized services or with a little more care in curating content.

In this case, let's analyze the genius that Vimeo is for online video.

What is Vimeo?

As we already told you, Vimeo is an important platform for online video. We would all think that YouTube is the only one but no, it is not. Vimeo emerged in November 2004 and became the first video platform to offer high definition video in October 2007. At that time it was a 1280 × 720 (720p) definition but now it is possible to upload 4K videos. What has always differentiated Vimeo from other services is that it is not such a free service, and it has content curators to always show “beautiful” or attractive videos for consumers.

Advantages and disadvantages of Vimeo

The best of Vimeo, as a user or as a spectator.

It is present on any platform: in truth, you can find the app for mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), it has a website specially designed for browsers on smartphones. On the other hand, it has a presence on any television, be it Smart TV or Set Top Box (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.). Finally, it is also present in video game consoles. There is no way you cannot consume Vimeo videos on your gadgets.

It has content curators: Vimeo Staff Picks are the videos that a team has previously selected to show as “the best” of the platform. In truth, when you enter the Vimeo site, you should review that content, you will find incredible videos of all kinds.

It has an educational offering: this is amazing, educating the user or potential subscriber to develop quality content is something that all platforms should do. For a world with well-made videos, with all the aesthetics and meaning.

You can earn money: it is possible to monetize your works, since Vimeo has a content streaming service. If you make a movie, you can rent or sell it, no problem. You keep 90% of the profits. You can do several things to optimize your Vimeo account, for example, you can buy Vimeo shares, ensuring a wider distribution of your content.

It is possible to watch movies and series: Vimeo now has a subscription to consume special content. If you want to get out of the mainstream a bit, you may want to try the on demand service.

Priority to high definition: if they were the pioneers, they should continue in the same line, don't you think?

Surely you want to know more: At last you will earn money with Vimeo.

The hardest thing about Vimeo – not to say the worst

It is not that flexible with creators: we have to be realistic, if we create a lot of videos, 500 MB of storage per week may not be very good. If you are a creator, you must spend some money to be able to upload your videos to the platform.

It is a very specific content network: The quality standard of the videos is good, you will not find the same as on YouTube, maybe that bothers more than one. If you are looking for a guy saying any number of nonsensical things, it won't be that easy to find him.

Buy Vimeo Shares for You

The key is in the content

The content of Vimeo is incredible, it is possible to find series, movies, trailers and short films. Both independents and winners of important awards and nominations. Everything is properly organized and in addition, all videos have the priority of being shown and uploaded in high definition:

  • Interesting content that you could see on Vimeo 
  • Sherlock of the BBC (with Benedict Cumberbatch).
  • Mad Men.
  • Skins.
  • Weeds.
  • Orange is the New Black.
  • Compiled from Oscar-nominated shorts.
  • Great documentaries like Everybody Street.
  • Films like First Girl I Loved, winner of the Sundance Film Festival.

There's a ton of content from independent and winning productions at a number of major festivals, maybe it's a little bit out of what we're used to seeing and that's great. films, videos and short films with more sense of aesthetics and content.

What more could we ask for? Most of the videos are accessible for free, however, the prices are not so exaggerated and thus you help the artist or production group that creates them. Not everything in life is free, better you have to bet on quality content.

It would be interesting to know what do you think? Do you like Vimeo? Would you give it a chance? I invite you to comment and share your opinions.

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