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Top ways to drive traffic from Facebook to your website

Even though there are other methods of driving traffic to websites such as using digital ads, SEO, custom web content, Facebook remains one of the top ways to boost your website traffic. According to experts, Facebook can give your website more traffic compared to any other social media platform you may know about. 

When we talk of more traffic, we don’t just mean the conversion of your visitors into profits but also the ability to rank higher in search engines and boost your discoverability by people who are interested in what you are talking about or trying to sell. For example, if you are a makeup artist, anyone searching for the best makeup tips will most likely be referred to your site by Google search engines, and this way you can attract more clients in case you are selling makeups or offering online classes.

Before we look into ways you can use to drive traffic from Facebook to a website including the option to buy website traffic for Facebook, it is worth understanding the relationship between a Facebook and a website, including how they both support or link to each other.

Your Facebook page is like a summary of who you are while the website talks about you in detail. Facebook is where you give people a chance to see and know just a bit about what your service is about and get them to like it.

A few people may be satisfied with the brief introduction on Facebook and go ahead to buy your services or products, while others may still want to visit your website to learn more before making any significant decisions.

Facebook is the cover page that allows people to get a bit of an idea of what to expect in the rest of the book. The trick is to make the cover page attractive for people to get interested in going into the details.

So below are the tricks you can use to prompt more traffic to your website from Facebook. We will also talk about how to buy traffic for Facebook to your site. 

Allow website clicks on your Facebook page

People can’t access your website from Facebook if there is no link, that is why you must make sure you add it at a reasonable place such as your event pages, your tab, or in a post that aims at inviting people to visit your website. Remember the Facebook milestones. So, if for example, you have a milestone for when you started selling a new product, you can add the link to the page showing the products.

Adding a call to action button on your profile is also an important thing to do. CTA or call to action is a very useful feature that is located at the top of your page, just to the Facebook-like button. The call to action button can be linked to the website that you choose. This button can also help your customers access and speak to you via email, messenger, and phone. It can also be used to access the warehouse where your products or services can be found.

Always add new blog contempt to your website

You can engage and entertain your readers by posting YouTube links to funny cat videos or links to pet health articles. However, posting a link to another website drives traffic to that site and not your own. 

Providing your followers with fresh and interesting content on your website and through Facebook posts is a great way to keep them visiting and keeping them coming back for more. A website's ranking in search engines increases when it posts new content regularly. Google also favors websites that post new content. 

Optimize your content for easy sharing

Create an easy way to share content from your blog on Facebook once it is published. People can easily share your content on their timeline for their friends to see by adding social sharing buttons. 

The images you use should be large enough

It has been proven that posts with images tend to get more attention, in the form of shares, likes, comments and clicks.

Ideally, images should be 1280 x 628 pixels to look good on Facebook. To make your images appear crisper and cleaner on Facebook, you can double the pixels and keep the proportion for an image that has 150 DPI or dots per inch. Your image will appear more clear on Facebook because the platform will compress it for display. 

Make your writing compelling

Focusing on producing and posting compelling text is very important. Your text should describe your services in detail and urge your readers to comment or click through to visit your website. Some of the best practices you can apply to your text include:

  • Avoid clickbait because they just don’t fly with many people. People will click to view your content, but if they leave too soon, it will have a bad impact on your website and Facebook page as search rankings will fail. 

  • Don’t use all caps because it is a turnoff. Writing in Caps is also similar to shouting. Therefore you need to avoid it lest you lose your followers. Only use caps where it is very necessary. Make sure you speak in a friendly, conversational tone.

Think of it as if you were having a conversation with someone in person, and then write your Facebook posts the same way. There is no problem in writing with a conversational tone, given that Facebook is a social site.

  • Make sure your blog titles entice people from your Facebook page to visit. The link preview shows the blog title, which means it automatically appears in the post. Therefore, creating an irresistible title will go a long way in capturing viewer attention. 

Convert likes to followers

A person's Like does not mean they are following you on your page, so you may miss opportunities to build traffic if they do not follow you. This can be rectified by asking individuals to follow your page. The chances of them choosing to follow you are small, but if they are interested in your posts you might want to invite them to do so. 

Update Your Website

You can use Facebook to drive a huge amount of traffic to your site, but what they see once they arrive at your site can make all the difference in terms of turning them into clients. Most visitors if not all can be turned away from out-of-date websites. But, visitors are more likely to remain on your website and read your contents when they look attractive with optimal functionality. 

Buy Website Traffic for Facebook

It is quite evident that some of the tricks you need to use take time and can be tiring to some extent. That is why you may want to buy website traffic for Facebook. But, getting quality website traffic largely depends on getting a trusted platform like Accfarm to buy from. The good thing about buying traffic is it gives you an edge over others that relies on organic methods only. It is better to start with a few thousand high-quality traffic than nothing.

Buy traffic for Facebook

Boosting your Facebook SEO also involves some processes, such as the use of keywords and backlinks, but you can also buy traffic if you want to skip all the hassles. You can buy web traffic for Facebook cheap and in bulk from sites such as Accfarm that offer various packages at different prices.

How to buy traffic Facebook

As we have just mentioned, identifying a trusted site to buy traffic for Facebook from should be the first thing to do. The next step would be to find the best package to buy. Most platforms such as Accfarm would have straightforward buying steps once you find what you want.  

How to buy traffic for Facebook to your site

When you buy traffic for Facebook, it will be delivered to your site almost instantly, depending on which site you are buying from. Different sites may have different delivery periods but for sites like Accfarm, delivery is nearly instant.

Buy traffic  for Facebook cheap and in bulk

Let’s talk price now because it has everything to do with your money. You can buy traffic for Facebook cheap and in bulk. It is possible to spend as little as $3 from sites like Accfarm and get 1000 traffic from Facebook to your website. If you are willing to dig deeper into your pocket, you can get even more traffic that will get your business on the right trail.  

Generating traffic from Facebook to your website is no doubt one way of growing your business fast. But, you have seen how it involves steps that may look simple but time-consuming in the real sense. You can buy website traffic for Facebook as an alternative, provided you can find popular sites such as Accfarm that are known to provide trusted social media services.

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