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Here's how you can use YouTube to increase your website traffic

There is an increasing number of businesses and investors using YouTube to reach potential clients, share useful information, and connect with their target audience. It's also no secret that YouTube has become a powerful medium for digital marketers. As a video-sharing platform, Youtube can be of business advantage for you if you apply the right strategies.

Today, It is very common to see most people invest more time and effort to become popular on YouTube without a clear plan or even thought of turning their thousands of subscribers into website traffic or even paying customers. We are not saying that being a Youtube hit is a bad thing, but it would do you much good if people could visit your site, subscribe to your email list, or even purchase your product or services.

This post will discuss even more important techniques, including the option to buy traffic for Youtube that can help your business grow faster. 

What are the benefits of using YouTube for traffic generation?

Before anything else, it is helpful to know why Youtube shares are simply a gold mine for business people wanting to market their products and services.

Three billion people watch YouTube videos every day. It's one of the reasons why it's the world's third most-visited site. Because of the number of searches that occur in this video-sharing platform, YouTube is also considered the second largest search engine, only behind Google. Hence, when you use the right YouTube strategy, It can be a very powerful tool for business.

Once a solid strategy is put in place, you will build brand awareness as well as gain celebrity status. But, the big issue is there is nowhere on the internet where you can earn good money by selling your video views. The only thing you can do is to allow your videos to meet a specific objective that will allow more quality traffic flow to your website.

By quality traffic, we mean that you will get all your Youtube viewers or subscribers focused on visiting your site. Success on Youtube is not all about viral videos and the most entertaining moments in life as you may be thinking. You also need even a few thousand of your quality subscribers to convert into traffic that will positively impact your business.

The videos you upload on Youtube, are what will create a good relationship and appeal more to viewers, and once most of them visit your website, they will make the most desirable action including buying from you. Therefore it is important to make your videos attractive enough for your viewers. You can also buy website traffic for Youtube if you don’t want to through the hassle that comes with applying other strategies. But we will look more into that later in this post.

Here are some ways you can increase the traffic to your website with YouTube:

Let your viewers know what you are up to

Even though this sounds like the easiest thing to do, many YouTubers still overlook its relevance. You must use your best call to action at the end of your YouTube videos. It is your call to action that will compel your viewers to visit your website. It is advisable not to forget to take your viewers through the benefits they will get by visiting your website.

Remember, everything should not be about you, but mostly about your viewers and how you want them to benefit. The mistake most people make today is to beg or ask viewers to visit their site without mentioning the advantages that come with it. Also, make sure you don’t use too many words that may bore your viewers. 

Use the call to action overlay feature in Youtube

A little-known feature of YouTube is a call-to-action overlay, and it's a great tool for converting your viewers into highly targeted website traffic.

An overlay is nothing more than a banner advertisement that appears on the lower third of your video. The copy of the overlay can be edited, you can also edit the thumbnail image and where you want to direct your viewers.

You can easily and quickly set up the overlay function. Not applying this option means missing out on the available traffic on the table. To activate the call to action overlay feature you must sign up on

Include the link to your website in the description area

Also on the list is ensuring that your viewers can easily see and click the link that will lead them to your Website. You can do this by putting a link at the top of your video description. It is important to have a link with “HTTP://” to let your viewers click and access your website quickly.

Don’t add links to websites that are not related to what you talked about in the video, unless you want to annoy your viewers. Also do not link to the homepage, but exactly where the information you want your viewers to see is located. 

Supplement your blog post with Youtube videos

It is not advisable to read your blog post out loud to viewers on your channel. Even though doing this can help reduce the work you need to do on your website, it can work against driving your targeted traffic to your website. Also, how do you expect users to visit your website after doing the reading for them, instead of referring them to your site to check out the blog on their own? Your videos should only have short summaries of appealing information aimed towards leading your viewers to your site. You want to make your viewers curious enough to visit your site.

Make your links valuable

Another important tip is to make sure that when your viewers click the link, they will get something from it. Do not add links if subscribers will not see anything that is of value to them, otherwise, the next thing they will do is to unsubscribe from your channel, you may even lose viewers.

If for example, you are talking about fitness, health, and sports, your viewers will want to get something that can help them with weight loss or to generally lead a healthy life. Your focus should be to target viewers with information that will help them face challenges they have before even suggesting to sell a product or a service to them. People will only follow links that they feel will offer a solution to them.

Buy website Traffic for Youtube

As we already mentioned before, this is probably the easiest option compared to other strategies. You can buy web traffic for Youtube cheaply and in bulk from sites like Accfarm. There are so many other sites out there that claim to sell website traffic for Youtube, but it is extremely important to perform your due diligence to ensure that you are buying authentic traffic from a legit site. So many people especially those looking to buy traffic for the first time have been scammed of their hard-earned money for not being careful enough. 

How to buy traffic YouTube

Once you have identified the best place to buy website traffic for Youtube, you can find the best package that falls within your budget. For example, Accfarm offers different Youtube traffic packages you can choose from, you can get from 1000 visits for about $3. The purchase instructions are also straightforward once you have your eye on what you need. 

How to buy traffic for YouTube to your site

Now, you might be wondering how to buy Youtube traffic to your site, or how to buy and get traffic to your site. Well, again using Accfarm as an example, the process is very simple. You will be asked to enter details that include your email and domain where the traffic will be delivered almost instantly. Watch out for sites that take you through complicated procedures when you buy traffic for Youtube.

Buy web traffic for YouTube cheap and in bulk

The thing first to look out for when buying traffic is the quality and its ability to improve your business. Price should not blind you from getting poor quality or spam traffic. Having said that, it is possible to buy web traffic for Youtube cheap and in bulk, also the traffic will be of high quality. Accfarm is a good example of such a site with affordable yet quality traffic for Youtube.

With millions of people visiting the platform daily, Youtube has given everyone a chance to market and promote their products or services to a larger audience. You just need to apply the strategies we have explained in this post to succeed. Perhaps the most important tip is to include information that will appeal to your viewers to visit your site. Make them feel that you care and want to solve their challenges. If you choose to buy website traffic for Youtube ensure you are getting it from popularly known sites like Accfarm, to avoid losing your money for nothing.   

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